About Physical Sense

Our mission statement:

Our mission is to empower clients to prevent, heal and relieve pain, restore function and share knowledge.

Our vision statement:

Our vision is to become the centre for evidence based research in the effectiveness of trigger point treatment for the treatment of most injuries.

Our values:

The patient is the client.

Aim of intervention is:

  • Every client in the clinic is treated as we would treat our mother/ father/brother/ sister/ child
  • The clinic is in existence to
    • return clients to pre-injury status
    • reduce clients pain
    • prevent clients re-injuring
    • improve client’s quality of life
    • avoid clients treatment dependency
  • That pain would be in the mind is not a diminishing factor of the experience of pain
  • The clinic is not in existence to please the funder, however we strongly believe in the funder’s right to demand accountability and we gladly oblige
  • When we feel that the philosophy behind regulatory decisions is a disadvantage to our clients, we see it as our moral duty to voice our concerns.

Our Team

Nick Hovenden

Keijji Taenaka

Joke de Rijke

Leila Shahtahmasebi

Sophie Hargreaves