Bradcliff Method®

Thank you for your interest in the BradCliff® Method. We often get calls with questions that have to be answered by our physiotherapist. This information will give an overview of answers on the most frequently asked questions.

Is the BradCliff® method suitable for me?

The BradCliff® method is suitable for all ages, and all people. If you recognize yourself in the examples below (the real list is endless) and display any of the symptoms as mentioned in the flyer, then consider having a BradCliff® assessment:

  • Anxiety and/or stress
  • Children with asthma, recurring ear problems and/or allergies, behavioural problems
  • Athletes who cannot perform to their maximum capacity (also stitch, exercise induced asthma or hyperventilation, or are simply unable to co-ordinate breathing and activity)
  • Pregnancy, Menopause, PMT, multi-tasking parents
  • Poor sleep; snoring
  • Talking quickly, or talking for majority of the day in meetings/teaching
  • Respiratory disorders (eg. asthma, COPD, emphysema and unproductive cough)
  • Corporate business people, combining long hours and challenging tasks

How many times do I need to come and what will the therapist do?

The assessment takes an hour, or it can be divided (including treatment and advise) over 2 30-minute sessions. This includes subjective assessment (history, presenting problems and questionnaires), objective assessment (tests), explanation of physiological changes in the body and consequences of hyperventilation, practical re-training of the breathing pattern, homework and handouts (specifically for your situation).

Depending on the findings please allow for approx 2 – 5 30-minute follow up sessions in a timeframe of approx 6 – 8 weeks.

What does it cost?

The cost is the same as our normal physiotherapy costs.

Does my insurance company cover any of the treatment?

The invoice will be for physiotherapy treatment, so if your insurance covers physiotherapy then this will be covered under the same rules.

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