When will ACC cover me?

You will be covered by ACC if:

  • You have had an accident, which was caused by an external force, i.e. Fall, tripping, being hit, twisting whilst under a load, etc (fill in form in clinic)
  • Or if there was a “series of events” of less than a month that put your body under extra load (fill in form in clinic). I.e. there has to be a change in your circumstances of less than one month that resulted in extra loading on your body. This change (series of events) must involve a force or resistance external to the body. I.e.
    • Staining a fence over the last 3 weeks (unusual action for you)
    • New tennis racket resulting in strain of elbow causing tennis elbow
    • Sudden continuous use of low-heeled shoes resulting in calf strain etc.
  • ACC normally informs you of the claim decision within 5 working days. If your claim is declined we expect you to pay for your treatments. This is different for work related injuries.