Need Treatment?

Benefits of visiting Physical Sense

You are in excellent hands: We have 20 years experience in the field of OOS and the use of triggerpoint treatment to treat soft tissue injuries and rain other therapists both nationally and in Europe.

  • Hands on massage techniques used (inc. triggerpoint treatment)
  • Self management taught
  • 30 minutes individual time with your therapist
  • Gym programmes provided
  • Relaxation, stress management, and breathing education given by specially trained therapists

We can take care of your ACC requirements, often without the need for you to see a GP first.

Physiotherapy with a differenceThe secret of the success we have with our patients is that we are committed to using the more traditional “hands on” method of combining massage techniques with other physiotherapy techniques to get maximum results. Of course this combination means spending a little more time with you during your appointment. However, you will soon notice the benefits of this form of treatment with a quicker and more complete recovery.

You will also learn self management skills

In fact, because of the results we get with our patients, over 60% of Christchurch G.P.’s already refer their most difficult cases to us. We have also trained over 400 physiotherapists nationwide in our techniques and we are the only physiotherapy clinic in New Zealand to have our treatment programme published by ACC and OSH in their National Guide.


ACC subsidised assessment $45.00
ACC subsidised treatment: $37.00
Private Assessment: $97.00
Private follow up consult $83.00
Massage Therapy 30 minutes $50.00
Massage Therapy 60 minutes $89.00

Non cancellation fee (not covered by ACC) – $35.00

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