Abdominal Pain

If you are experiencing abdominal pain, please, see your doctor first.

You can experience a deep ache in your abdomen due to triggerpoints in your muscles However you need to see your G.P and/or a specialist first to determine the correct diagnosis and to ascertain that there is no cause other than muscles for your abdominal pain. If your specialist is at a loss about the cause of your pain it could well be caused by triggerpoints in your muscles. In most cases, treating the triggerpoints, resolves the pain. Our triggerpoint treatment often shows great results for clients with abdominal pain.

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In these drawings, red signifies the location of the ache. The crosses are the the tense muscle areas (triggerpoints). These are painful at touch. By releasing these tense muscle areas (Triggerpoint Treatment) , the ache stops.

This is only an example of a few muscles. You have many more muscles like that.

We will also have to find out why you have developed these triggerpoints, so that we can prevent re-occurrence.

E.g. in case of abdominal triggerpoints, the way you sit is of utmost importance.