Acute Sports Injuries

In case of an acute sports injury think of RICE

  • Rest: reduce use, avoid pain, rest
  • Ice: 20 minutes of ice every 3 hours
  • Compression: Compress with wrap without cutting off circulation
  • Elevate: Try to get your sprain higher than your heart

Physiotherapy and sports injuries:

Physiotherapy plays an integral part in the multi-disciplinary approach to the management of sports injuries. The aim of physiotherapy is to treat and fully rehabilitate the athlete post-injury, post-operatively, to prevent further injury and to return the athlete to sport in the shortest possible time.

Physiotherapists have a wide range of proven and documented approaches to treatment from which to choose.

Prompt assessment and diagnosis is vital in the successful treatment and rehabilitation of sports injuries.

What does Physical Sense offer you?

With almost all injuries we develop triggerpoints. These triggerpoints create aches , pains and stiffness and strength loss. Physical Sense uses triggerpoint treatment to decrease the ache and pain and restore the length and strength of your muscles.

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The Physical Sense therapists are well trained in testing and diagnosing your injury and will refer you for further testing (X-ray and ultrasound) when needed.

We emphasize testing your ability to stabilize your joints to avoid further injury in the future. And we give you home-exercise programmes to help you recover your strength, stability and flexibility.

We use our small gym at 222 Bealey Ave and our large public gym at 300 Colombo Street to rehabilitate you back to full strength.