Arthritis treatment in Christchurch with physiotherapy for pain relief, using gentle Massage Therapy, Triggerpoint Therapy & Deep-Tissue Massage.

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Arthritis pain usually comes from wearing or thinning of the lining of your joints, but much of your pain could also be coming from muscle spasms which cause extreme tension in the muscles surrounding the joint, giving you significant pain and discomfort.

However. careful Triggerpoint Treatment (deep tissue massage) can quickly release this muscle tension, allowing much of the arthritis pain or aching to go away.

In the drawings above, red signifies the location of the ache, with the crosses showing the area of muscle spasm, known as (triggerpoints), but of course these are just a few of the muscles where your pain symptoms could be mistaken for arthritis.

And even if your pain is only partly caused by triggerpoints together with arthritis in the joint, you can still expect careful triggerpoint treatment to relieve the pain significantly.

In fact Physical Sense has relieved arthritis pain with triggerpoint treatment for over 20 years with remarkable results in helping people to reduce their pain levels.

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