Supervised exercise for people with Osteoporosis

We are health professionals situated in a public gym which specialises in rehabilitation of chronic illness. We are offering you ten sessions of exercise supervised by a physiotherapist.

We aim to make it fun and to give you the opportunity to be active while working on your health, at the same time gaining knowledge about your condition and mingling with other people who have the same health challenges.

Our gym is a public gym and we cater for a lot of older people as well as the young. We are not expecting you to buy special “exercise clothes”.  Loose fitting clothes and comfortable shoes that are good for walking is all we advise.

What you could expect to achieve

Life is very simple MOVE it or LOSE it! You need to hold on to:

  • Maximum possible bone density so that you can avoid fractures.
  • Good balance so that you can avoid falls
  • Healthy general fitness so that you can avoid illness.



Osteoporosis Rehab Class

The latest research shows that a combination of high impact, low impact and resistance training results in significant bone mineral density gains and a reduced fall rate.
(Schaw P, Scalapino K. Exercise for bone health: rationale and prescription. (2011). Current opinion in Rheumatology;23:137-141. DOI:10.1097 BOR. 0b013e3283434501)

To participate you will need to commit to a 10 week programme and participate at least twice a week.

We look forward to welcoming you to our gym! Contact us for more information.