Christchurch stroke survivors can access a weekly rehabilitative circuit with qualified physiotherapists (from Physical Sense) at the GYM on 300 Colombo street, Sydenham.

An exercise program established with help of the Burwood Stroke Rehabilitation team.

This is a ten session program (first 4 sessions $20) that can lead to continued gym membership at reduced costs. Participants may also be eligible for a WINZ subsidy to pay for the continued gym-membership.

Inclusion Criteria for Stroke Class

Inclusion Criteria form

See our Stroke Class in action

Read our article included in the NZSP Physio Matter April 2009

Exercise Rehabilitation in the Community (953 pdf)

This is some of the feedback that attendants have given us;

On physical gain

“Helped me to regain confidence walking distances without fear. Learning to do exercise to strengthen my left leg”.

“I have appreciated exercising in ways that stretches me to go further. I feel stronger especially in the upper body and more able to cope”.

On emotional gain

“Seeing others in similar circumstances helps to not feel sorry for own condition”.

“I do not get depressed about my weak leg”.

“Confidence building, physical confidence which helps emotionally”.

“Less embarrassed about going out and mixing with others”.

About the support

“I can’t say enough about them. I think they are absolutely marvelous, very patient, great sense of humor, very supportive”.

“Russell tried exercises that he would never have tackled without the support and care of the Physiotherapist and gym instructor. They showed a huge amount of patience and understanding.”

“An excellent program designed for stroke patients. I am so impressed that I have sent my comments as mentioned above to the veterans’ affairs department from where I receive a war pension in order that other veterans can apply to use this excellent facility.”